Meet Our Team

Image of Healthy Futures Staff



Rhea Gordon, Executive Director
Rhea is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Healthy Futures. She has twenty years of experience developing and cultivating youth through positive relationship education. Rhea specializes in empowering youth to make and maintain healthy choices, equipping parents and community stakeholders to support healthy youth development, network-building, and creating collaborative initiatives.




Kendra Gordon, Educator Support & Social Media Coordinator
Kendra has been at Healthy Futures for 3 years, first as a volunteer and then as a part-time employee. Kendra has helped the staff understand that anyone can make a difference in a student’s life whether it’s teaching in the classroom or reaching them through social media. Kendra plans to pursue her Masters in Social Work after she finishes her bachelor’s degree at UMass Lowell in 2015.





Michelle Rojas Surin, Communications & Public Relations Coordinator
Michelle, a native of Boston, has been working with Healthy Futures since 2011. She brings 15 years of nonprofit as well as youth and family advocacy experience to her position. A graduate of Simmons College, Michelle has a Masters of Science in Communication Management, which she uses to engage the community around the issues of teen pregnancy prevention and positive youth development.





Moniren Meas, Health Educator Coordinator
Moniren or as his students call him Mo, has been with Healthy Futures for 8 years. Mo enjoys seeing his students return year after year and loves when he hears them chant the Healthy Futures slogan – “The Choices You Make NOW will Affect You LATER” – when they see him in the hall. Mo believes that as an educator one must be open to “learn through change”.





Andrew Calvagno, Health Educator
Andrew has worked at Healthy Futures since 2012; he started as the Administrative Assistant and quickly realized the classroom was where he wanted to be. Now a Health Educator, Andrew feels working in the classroom has opened doors and inspired him.






Cynthia RwabuhingaHealth Educator
Cynthia is the newest member of the Healthy Futures team and comes to the team as a certified infant, toddler, and preschool teacher. Outside of work, Cynthia has mentored preteens and teens for 10 years and welcomed the opportunity to teach older students in the classroom. Now an essential part of the team, each time Cynthia enters a class she brings passion and enthusiasm for working with young people.




Channy TounnHealth Educator
Channy started at Healthy Futures in 2011 after studying early childhood education at Middlesex Community College. Channy is passionate about teaching and truly enjoys talking to young people about making good choices.






Kimberly Schmidt Clervois, Health Educator
Kimberly joined the Healthy Futures team in 2013 and was excited about bringing her 8 years of experience working with youth to the classroom. So far, her favorite moments as a Health Educator have been getting to know the students and watching them become engaged in the classroom.





Roeuth LanHealth Educator
Roeuth has been at Healthy Futures since 2007 and has 9 years of experience working with youth. Roeuth finds that the highlight of his job is teaching and learning from students as well as seeing them flourish and grow throughout the years.






Betsy Rivera-GarciaParent Education Coordinator
Betsy joined Healthy Futures in 2013 after completing her Direct Support in Human Services Certification. Betsy’s 9 years of experience in the human services field includes case management, individual counseling, and group facilitation/workshops. In 2014, Betsy became a certified Active Parenting trainer and now facilitates Healthy Futures parent workshops. As a mother of three, Betsy is passionate about helping parents find effective ways to connect with their children.




Lukus SimariPeer Education Coordinator
Lukus joined the Healthy Futures team in 2013. He comes with 16 years of experience teaching youth. He focuses on leadership skills that will inspire them to obtain healthy skills for their future. He brings a vast knowledge and experience in project and media management and creative productions.




Liz Passamonte
Operations Coordinator


Anna Chou-Lam
School-Based Manager


Sovanny Theng
Graphic Design Coordinator