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Resources for Parents

Healthy Futures strives to empower parents to be the primary educators concerning relationship education, sexuality, and high-risk behaviors. Our classroom programs are designed to reinforce and reflect messages that parents want their teens to hear. While it is may be difficult to initiate conversations with your teens regarding bullying, mental health, sex, substance use, and other sensitive topics, parents have a major impact on their teens decisions relating to these topics.

Parent Programs

While Healthy Futures is designed to reinforce messages that teens are already hearing at home, we recognize that for many parents sex can be a challenging topic to discuss. Parents often tell us that they feel unprepared to discuss sensitive topics with their teens. For this reason, we offer parent programs aimed at empowering parents to speak openly with their teens about sexual health issues. Healthy Futures parent programs can include any or all of the following topics:

Adolescent Sexual Health Today

This session provides parents with updated information about Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases (STIs/STDs). During this session, we discuss the cause and effect of these diseases and consider potential solutions.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Sex

This session prepares parents (and teens) for meaningful conversations about relationships, sex, and family values. We discuss some “tough answers to some tough questions” and provide you with resources that you can use during future conversations. This session is available either as with parents only or as an interactive workshop with parents and teens.

Healthy Futures Program Information

This program offers parents the opportunity to get a “sneak peak” of what teens experiencing in the classroom with Healthy Futures educators. Time provided for parents to ask any questions they may have about the materials presented to their students and so address any concerns. Healthy Futures Parent Programs are offered through the schools in conjunction with a classroom programming or may be scheduled by other community and parent organizations. All parent programs are flexible and may be scheduled at various times for the convenience of those attending.

For more information on how you can offer this program in your schools and/or communities please contact Rhea Gordon at