An Evidence-Based Program

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Relationship Education

Nu-CULTURE (pronounced “new culture”) is the Healthy Futures classroom-based relationship education program for grades 6-8.

Bully Prevention

Healthy Futures offers bullying prevention education at a classroom level or as an assembly.

Dating Violence Prevention

Choose Respect, the Healthy Futures dating violence prevention program, uses content from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Choose Respect initiative.

Mental Health Promotion

Teen Stress: Time to ACT is the Healthy Futures mental health promotion program based on medically accurate material on teen stress, depression, and suicide prevention.

After-School & Summer Programs

Rhymin’ it Write (RIW) is the Healthy Futures after-school program for middle school students.


Healthy Futures develops fun, engaging, and informative assemblies in partnership with school administrators and/or teachers to meet the unique needs of schools and students.

Parent Programs

True Connections is the Healthy Futures parent education program.True Connections uses the evidence-based Active Parenting program.