An Evidence-Based Program

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Staying On Track

Parents, caregivers, and teachers care about kids and don’t want to see them get “off track.” Like a train traveling down a track toward goals and dreams, things like experimenting with dangerous drugs, including high potency THC products, create problems for adolescents. Johnny Stack got off track because he was “dabbing.” Do you know what dabbing is? Are you willing to take the risk of not educating yourself, your kids, or your students about the dangers of dabbing?

If you missed the webinar “The Dangerous Truth about Today’s Marijuana” by Laura Stack last month, watch it by clicking here.  

Positive youth development is a research-based strategy that protects kids and keeps them on track to reach their goals and dreams. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can increase the probability youth will make positive, healthy decisions when their lives include these developmental assets